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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 8, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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with a maybe. telling tech innovators she's thinking about it. she already has some big endorsements, including gavin newsom. >> reporter: the lieutenant governor has been a big supporter for some time. she danced around the issue today, but the bottom line is she's still considering it. in the meantime, she's bringing in some money, between now and friday, three states, five appearances. some local experts say it could bring inasmuch as a million dollars. >> hello, everyone. [ applause ] >> reporter: former first lady hillary clinton is on a tour of the wrest coast that looks a lot like a campaign swing. >> she hasn't officially announced that she's running for president, but everything she's doing deaf kneltly points in that direction. >> reporter: today ms. clinton gave the keynote address at a marketing conference, commenting on the possibility of a run. >> the hard questions are not,
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do you want to be president, can you win. i mean, the hard questions are why? why would you want to do this? and what, what can you offer that could make a difference. >> reporter: from san francisco, the former secretary of state headed to portland. she'll make a stop in las vegas and it's back to the bay area. she's scheduled to be at the event center as part of a lecture series featuring prominent women. >> president obama showed it was effective to target new voters and young voters. i think hillary clinton is following that same playbook. >> reporter: political science experts say she really benefitted from her time as secretary of state. she's being smart and strategic about her appearances. >> if you look back to six years ago when see was running in 2008, she was a very polarizing politician at that time.
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she had just as many people who had an unfavorable impression of her as a favorable one. and that's changed now. she's become much more popular in the last six years. >> reporter: there are still tickets available for thursday's event. mrs. clinton is expected to speak at 8:00 here. live in san jose, kimberly tere. lot of fans basking in the sunshine. the giants beat the diamondbacks 7-3. we had sunshine, baseball and tradition, an exciting day filled with surprises. this is bat kid. he's back in the spotlight, miles scott, throwing out the first pitch. and injured giants fan brian stow made his own appearance. there you see him waving to the
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crowd. we begin with jodi hernandez who was with everybody else who was behind the scenes. >> reporter: an absolutely thrilling day here at at&t park, from the special celebrity guests as you mentioned to the absolutely stunning weather. giants and their fans came out, all around winners. >> no day like opening day. it's my happiest day of the year. >> reporter: and it was all smiles at at&t park as the san francisco giants poured on the panelentry for opening day, p complete with fireworks, a flyover and plenty of fanfare. >> now we're going to win. play ball! >> reporter: and san francisco's smallest super hero got the ball rolling. kindergartener miles scott who's in remission from leukemia through out the first pitch. for those lucky enough to watch
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it all play out, it was an unforgettable season starter. many are already dreaming of another championship. >> love the world series being here a few years ago. and we've been giants fans for many, many years, and we are very excited. >> hopefully we take it all the way. world series. that's the plan, that's the goal. >> reporter: the giants have started the season off strong. even the weather was "pitcher" perfect for fans and players alike. >> this is opening day, 75 degrees. >> it's kind of exciting for opening day, because, you know, you get the introductions. you have the fans going wild. you know, everybody's got their families there. so it's a special day. and we treat it as such. >> reporter: now the 40,000 or so fans who came today's game got this special gift from the giants. it's a commemorative calendar, but the memories of the day will
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be what they treasure the most. opening day baseball doesn't get any better. reporting live from san francisco, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. hard to believe it's the 15th opening day at at&t park as well. new security measures. the most noticeable comes when you walk in. just like at the airairport, yo have to walk through metal detectors. this is happening at a's games across the bay as well. it's a league-wide man dpat to improve security. let's bring in jerod. >> reporter: on pitching they mostly get the head lines, once again it was the offense making a statement. pagan walks. and he comes up big.
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up and over the bricks in right field for a two-run homer, and the giants would not look back. tim hudson went eight strong innings for a second win of the season, a 7-3 giants win. the last giant to do that was in 2003. >> it was a lot of fun. i think everybody's excited to get back in front of our fans again. sold-out crowd. so it was a lot of fun. >> feels great to be back out there and competing and, you know, it's nice. it's a great atmosphere. the fans were awesome. beautiful day, and guys, you know, came to play today. >> it's a lot of fun. every night is pretty fun. it's our atmosphere, but to start out the way we did and then come back and play in front of our crowd, it's really fun. >> i'm loving it. i'm loving it. they're awesome out there, man. this is the kind of stuff that you, you love as a player. >> reporter: great day for a packed house.
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perfect weather. great pitching. timely hitting, and a little bit of power. that's a perfect script for opening day. coming up later in sports we'll have full highlights and hear from tim hudson who was the winning pitcher today. back to you. >> nice to see tim hudson back in the bay area. the game may be over, but the excitement is still running sky high online. we'd love to see your orange and black spirit as well. you can share your pictures by clicking on the send pics tab on our main page. now a follow up to a nbc bay area investigation that's prompting legislative change. last summer the investigative unit found that california is only one of since states in the nation that doesn't require training to operate a boat. >> reporter: this bill would require boaters take a safety
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course here in a 7-1 vote. it comes a year after our investigation that shows that the majority of incidents happen by boaters who are inexperienced. this woman lost her daughter. she was one who testified today. she says the person who was operating the boat had no safety education and did not see her daughter in the water and ran over her. california is one of only five states with no education requirements for boaters, yet sees the second highest rate of boating accidents in the nation. >> it can get crazy if people don't know what they're doing, and you accelerate a boat, the front end of a boat comes up. you have to know where the other boaters are. you have to know, do i turn to the right or to the left. you have to know how to navigate this machine. >> reporter: senator bill monte and the senator from concord
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introduced the bill. it would require boeaters to tae an exam and a course. if it pass it would take effect in 2018. we'll hear how boater safety has helped other states. nbc bay area news. now if you have a tip for anyone in our investigative unit give us a call or send an e-mail. some cruise ship passengers in san francisco had an unpleasant visit. the princess cruise line says 37 of the more than 3,000 passengers on its crown princess ship are sick. it's believed they're suffering from the norovirus, a very coda
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just stomach virus. new video to show you that helped catch a thief. watch the upper left part of your screen. you can see a woman leave her laptop on the counter and head for the bathroom. moments later, a woman in the blue and white sweater unplugs the computer and walks out the door. it happened at joy's place in sfo. thanks though that video going viral, there she goes. police caught up to the suspect yesterday. she was arrested wearing the exact same shirt. still ahead here at 6:00. we're talking food. we return to the ballpark for a peek inside the kitchen and some surprising items this season. it was hot today, saratoga the warmest at 94 degrees. keep in mind the average is 70 this time of year. but take a look at what's rolling in.
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that fog returns. we'll talk about it in about five minutes. and how many times do you use an atm like this one to get quick cash? well, every time you do, chances are you're going to be vulnerable to a hacker. we'll tell you why, coming up.
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well, good-bye windows xp support and hello hacker threat. today is the dreaded day that microsoft said it would stop offering security patches for xp users, which could impact more than just the computer you use at home or work. kris sanchez joins us to tell us more. >> reporter: i've never given a second thought about what kind of operating system my atm's using when i swipe my card, but the fact is there are 210,000 plus atms in the united states, and almost all of them are running windows xp which today is vulnerable to attack.
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your home and work computers, your money, even your gas and electricity may be at risk. as of today, microsoft will no longer support windows xp. that means no new patches for gaps in security. the 13-year-old operating system is used in 95% of atms. reggie grimes worries about identity theft and his money. >> as a consumer, i want to feel like i'm supported, feel like the things that i work hard to obtain will not be compromised or left out in outside of protection. >> reporter: a wells fargo spokes woman says security is at the heart of everything we do at wells fargo. wells fargo atms will continue to be protected through this transition. a pg&e spokes woman says out of the abundance of caution they don't discuss their security systems, but a security expert says many utilities use xp. terrorists looking to cripple government to take aim at the
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power grid. >> it's a no brainer that the electric industry would be a primary target, pa juicy target so to speak. >> reporter: patrick miller is an infrastructure security specialist who says though industries have known about the end of xp for years, changing the system could cost from $5 million to $100 million. and if it's not planned perfectly, it carries its own risks. >> it's got to go well or the lights will go out. and you've just done exactly what the terrorists would have done to yourself. >> reporter: can you go to am i running to find out what the options are if you are using xp. it turns out that's my work computer. microsoft is using exceptions for some of its larger customers, providing some security support, but at a premium. the british government, in fact, runs all of its systems on windows xp. it's paying $8 million for one year of support. in san jose, kris sanchez, nbc
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bay area news. the search is on to witnesses to a deadly hit-and-run crash. it happened sunday around 6:00 on 101 in morgan hill. the victim was on his motorcycle when he crash moed into a picku truck. the crash threw him into another lane where he was struck and killed. the suv driver never stopped. investigators say the fire that torched homes was accidental, but they're not revealing anything else. the fire destroyed one house and damaged two others. it happened yesterday around 3:00 on mossberg circle. luckily no one was hurt. construction crews damaged an 8-inch main. it happened at 9:45 this morning. emergency officials evacuated
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three homes right in that hair yeah. pg&e came in quickly, capped the gas leak about 30 minutes later, and earn was allowed back into their homes. want to show you a massive rock slide at yosemite. 16,000 tons of rocks fell from a cliff in yosemite national park. the slide actually happened march 31 from a cliff. the massive amount of rock forced officials to close the rancheria falls trail. no one was hurt. it was beautiful today for most of us, i believe. >> yeah, plenty of sunshine. the only spot that didn't stay cool was the immediate clothes line. what a difference four miles made across parts of san francisco. ft. mason had a high of 65 today. then get a look here across soma. we had 82 degrees. and that was all just a function
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of the wind. and then in the interior portion of san francisco, it was offshore, so no cooling precip and breeze to keep those temperatures higher. the wind is turning onshore for everybody here in san francisco. also including oakland, livermore. it's more of this westerly wind that's going to import this cooler pacific breeze and also build up fog at the coastline. we get a look at the sky camera network and still averaging some of the warmest weather in the east bay. let's check out the fog in san francisco. it is a beautiful shot right now with 73 degrees. winds coming out of the west, and that fog right now up to about 1,000 feet. so that will be good enough to cool our forecast down as we head throughout tomorrow. as you go ahead and get a look, we'll give you this preview of the temperature spread. we had 90 in san jose, 80 in pleasanton. also 88 in napa. tomorrow we'll look for 68 in downtown sf. and going from 90 in san jose to
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81. we'll also see numbers droop to 81 in santa rosa. we'll stay with this trend from low to mid-80s. it's going to stay dry as we head through the next six-day period. we'll stay in the 70s all the way through this upcoming weekend. for san francisco, we'll gradually cool off as we head through saturday and sunday. as we wind things up at least right now, there is a little shred of good news when it comes to the rainfall. 2013 driest calendar year ever. in just over three months time we've been able to pick up more rainfall in 2014 than we've seen in all of 2013. we're still in a drought but some good news the past three months. >> thanks, jeff. up next, breaking up families or deporting criminals. we have a reality check of
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president obama's deportation record. and unexpected hope where we thought there was none. the success to transform life for paraplegics.
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a notable medical breakthrough. researchers at the university of louisville say four paralyzed men are able to now move their legs. for dustin, it's the first time he's moved his legs after a car accident left him paralyzed from the chest down. doctors implanted 16 electrodes and a stimulator below the spinal injury. the push of a button on a remolk mimics signals from the brain so the muscles respond like they used to. >> i'm able to use my toes, my leg, my ankles, which is a huge change in my life for my self-confidence.
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>> they are regaining bladder control and sexual function. although they cannot walk, they can stand briefly and are building muscle mass in their legs. researchers are excited about the progress. 6 million americans suffer from paralysis. two hospitals are sharing a huge financial gift and a name change. they have received a wind fall of $100 million. both months will be renamed to honor the donors. a tech entrepreneur and his wife. they will have access to world-class facilities regardless of family income. the names are ucsf children's hospital san francisco. what's behind the spike in bacon prices? and a change for same sex couples. a well-known civil rights attorney has now joined the
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defense team in the fbi corruption trial. i'm cheryl hurd. i'll tell you who that is coming up.
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battered state senator leland yee leaving his house to head to court. he pled not guilty today, and he wasn't the only one. >> dozens of others linked to
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this high-profile case have also pled guilty and a well-known attorney has now joined the case. cheryl hurd has the very latest. >> reporter: well, raj, his name is jay tony sara. and he's represented people like a black panther and barry bonds. now he's representing shrimp boy chow. and his claim against the government? racism. state senator leland yee and keith jackson had no comment as they went inside the federal courthouse this morning. once inside, they both entered a plea of not guilty before the magistrate. rory little says this case is just beginning, and it's very complicated. >> the political case against yee, all by itself, is complicated. putting aside entrapment, and there may be an entrapment
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thing, it's also very difficult to prove bribery. it's hard to prove the political corruption. >> reporter: corruption will be a key kpoenant in this upcoming trial, with 29 defendants, professor little says we may see a motion by defense attorneys to try their clients separately. >> you're going to see a motion that says senator yee's charged with sort of political corruption. that's one case. shrimp boy chow is charged with more organized crime offenses. >> reporter: he believes racism is involved and his client is innocent. >> the government created the crime, the government financed the crime. and the government ensnared my client by their affirmative acts, tantamount to entrapment. >> reporter: professor little says racism will be hard to
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prove. >> there's nothing i've seen notice government's case about a racist approach. >> reporter: yee and several other defendants will be back here in court on friday. reporting live in san francisco, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. thank you, cheryl. boosting fair pay for women was the goal of two executive orders signed by president obama today. one order bans federal contractors for retaliating against employees who discuss their compensation. the others require pay information to be submitted to the federal department. >> today, the average full time workingwoman earns just 77 cents for every dollar a man earns. for african-american women, latinos, it's even less. and in 2014, that's an embarrassment. >> republicans dismissed the orders as pandering to women
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voters during an election year saying there already are laws that exist on the laws that prohibit pay discrimination. plans to free shamu are on hold. lawmakers said they need more research. ab 1240 would have banned the import, export and breeding of orcas, and sea world would have been required to move its ten killer whales out of tanks and into larger sea pens. they claim that they are being mistreated, but supporters say the bill would cripple their program that rescues animals in the wild. a new bill is being considered by state lawmakers regarding same sex couples. right now birth certificates have one box labeled father and one box labeled mother. for same sex couple, the labels aren't accurate. the new bill would allow parents to choose mother, father, or
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parent. there are more than 150,000 registered same sex and domestic partners in california. president obama has made immigration reform one of his core issues, but right now he's taking heat from deportation. >> his deportations have ballooned to 2 million. in tonight's reality check, sam brock fact checks the president's claim that his administration is only targeting those who pose a threat. >> good evening. he said that on many occasions. now the president has been adamant deportation is for criminals and gang bankers. not regular community members. that's what he said on the campaign trail, but recent reports from the new york times and syracuse university say a majority of these involve people committing minor offenses or no offense. so what's going on here? across the nation this weekend,
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protests swelled, as did arrests following a major milestone. 2 million people deported under president obama's watch. that's a figure unmatched by any previous administration. >> the reason that there were a number of protests that happened on april 5, the national day of action was to express frustration at where immigration enforcement is continuing to head under the obama administration. >> reporter: she is with the advocacy group siren which helped organize saturday's protest in san jose. she said the president might support a pathway to citizenship, but he's deporting the people who could take advantage of it and breaking up families at the same time. in the runup to the 2012 election, president obama said we try to focus our enforcement on people who generally pose a threat to our communities, not the hardworking families who are minding their own business. but the numbers may suggest otherwise. the new york times reported this week that after reviewing government records it found two
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out of three deportations under president obama involved people committing minor infractions or who had no criminal record at all. about a one in five the times found had committed a serious crime, including drug-related offenses. so is the administration going after real threats or not? >> i would say the studies over the last five to ten years to try to capture who is being removed or deported from the united states are pretty consistent in showing that it is a minority of people who we would consider a threatening, criminal element who might be a danger to their community. >> reporter: for more clarity, we reached out to the department of homeland security who did not refute the new york times numbers but did tell us this. about 98% of the agency's removals last year met agency requirements, which includes not just convicted criminals but also covers those trying to enter or re-enter the u.s. without documentation and, quote, fugitives from
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immigration court. and the department of homeland security also told us that 82% of the individuals removed from the u.s. were previously convicted of a criminal offense, which, if math serves, means almost 20% were not convicted of any offense but were deported. dhs says it is reviewing its policies knowing there are enough stories of separating families or removing people who are not, quote, dangerous, then it's time to reassess and get it right. up next, is there life on mars? the new picture stirring up questions. and from farm to ballpark. the spin on food being rolled out at at&t park. some of the hottest weather in about seven months across the bay area. we'll let you know who hit 90 coming nun a few minutes. taking a look outside in san jose, but off towards san francisco, here comes the cooling fog. we'll tell you what this means for tomorrow's temps coming up
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in just a few.
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it's a hot issue in the city. controversy over the so called twitser tax break is escalating in san francisco. a member of the board of supervisors wants change. they say giving businesses tax-exempting is increasing rent. they say well-paid tech executives from twitter and others are driving others out of the housing market. buildings that sat empty a few years ago are now thriving businesses. a hearing on this matter is set
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for april 30. well, bringing home the bacon is getting harder because of a virus infecting ps is forcing up prices. a virus that's never been seen in the u.s. has killed millions of baby pigs in less than a year. experts think that va russ came from china. they say it does not infect humans or other animals. however, the government is spending more than $2 million on research and they are training farmers to spot the disease early and take action to keep it from spreading. it's one of the most anticipated events. it's the concert. here comes kanye west. he joins tom petty and the heartbreakers and the killers. other acts include mclemore and lewis.
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and the arctic monkeys. >> i heard jeff's a pick arctic monkey fan. >> huge. >> we're three for three. >> i like mclemore. >> yeah, i do like them, for sure. all right. live look outside now. you can see clear skies from eme emeriville toward san francisco. and i'm jerod where some timely hitting and great pitching all equal a giant's victory on opening day.
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we have some new video of san jose's brand new baby
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falcons, we see them hatching from their eggs with a little help from mother clara. a fourth baby is still in the egg taking its time to emerge. this is the eighth family clara has raised on the roof of san jose city hall. san jose school children will name the chicks in an art and essay contest. could it be a sign of life on mars? a strange blip of light is captured on the rover's camera. it's reported that the light might just be a glitch with the rover's camera. still, the photos have caused an uproar on twitter with ne enthusiasts telling scientists to tell rover to go fetch the light. sunny and clear skies across the area. doppler radar struggling to find anything close to us. we also do have more news, not
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only hot for the bay area, but the first 100 degree-day in california of 2014, right here in death valley. when you hear 100 degrees, it sounds hot. but we were only six degrees away from hitting the century mark in saratoga today. that was our hottest location at 94. san francisco, for our standards, hot there with 82 degrees. last time we saw weather anywhere close to this was about eight months ago on september 9. now we are going to have something to change this weatheweather if you really love this, you're not going to have 90s. we're not going to get any rainfall from this, but temperatures are going to be dropping. we'll have more on that in about 30 seconds. but we'll take you outside to the sky camera network. an awesome evening outside.
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if you do have dinner plans, can you leave the umbrella at home and also the jackets. right now 77 degrees across the south bay. the fog is moving across here from our downtown camera, almost enveloping the entire golden gate bridge right now. that's going to be the main catalyst to drop our temperatures as we head throughout the wednesday forecast. you can see in the future cast, most of the cloud cover is going to stay offshore, even for tomorrow morning, despite the fact that we can see the fog right now. we're not looking at a huge fog vent at event at 6:00 in the morning. as we head throughout the day we'll keep the sunny skies in the forecast for the entire bay area. but by the evening hours, check out this bank of fog that's expected to build up. it's going to keep our temperatures on the cool side. we give you a preview of that, and can you see throughout wednesday and thursday, instead of 90s inland, we're mainly
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going to go with a temperature trend for the peninsula and tri valley in the 80s. we'll be averaging in the 50s and 60s. let's take it one layer deeper. we'll have the sun in the forecast, also some haze and high clouds passing on buy. temperatures above average, but not as hot as it was today. san jose at 81 degrees, palo alto, 79. and for san francisco, for the most part, we'll be staying in the 60s, 63 in the marina. and along the embarcadero, we'll try to get to the 70 degree mark. for the tri valley, we'll have 79 in santa rosa, 81 in napa. but you head inland about 15 miles here, walnut creek and fremont expecting low 80s. overall in that forecast the only thing that night pose a problem for you is the pollen forecast for wednesday, it's
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moderate to close to high katz gore. really doesn't look to change over the next seven days, and the next ten-day outlook, no rainfall right now. but i don't think we're done just yet. so we'll keep an eye on that back in the weather center. it was a festive sphere atm at at&t park. the giants pulling out all the stops for their home opener, and what would anything be like today without a selfie. keeping up with the latest pop culture trend. >> that's the in thing to do now, selfie. you are all in it. and welcome. the ballpark looks great. you look great, the team had a great first week. here we go, 2014 in san francisco. >> did we see him take a selfie? >> i didn't see him take a selfie, but we'll take his word for it. >> that's the hall of fame announcer, john miller.
6:47 pm
>> when you get taken out to the ballpark you expect the standard fare, peanuts, crackerjacks. >> but we have something new. kale chips and pickle chips. >> reporter: you won't be going hungry coming to the ballpark. there's a wide variety of food items on the menu. some traditional. some new items. some are healthy. some are deeply fried. select a region, and chances are the giants will have a hot dog to match that region, and if it's another kind of food you like, you'll likely find it at the park, from tamales to caramel apples to brats. >> it's made with beer, we're putting it on a pretzel bun, and
6:48 pm
it's served with sauerkraut and spicy brown mustard. we're going to try fried pickle ips this year. it's an item we think kidls really like. and i'm hoping that we have lines at the fried pickle chip stand. >> reporter: but if you're watching your caloric intake, there is a vegetable garden. it was still under construction a week ago behind the center field wall. it will have fresh vegetables, including kale. >> there's going to be a variety of different vegetables and things that are going to be grown on site. and we're going to use some of the vegetables as toppings on flat breads and healthy sandwiches and some of the soups and smoothies. >> reporter: a variety at the yard. and the giants say they have also added to their vast seafood menu this year. we're at at&t park, i'm damian
6:49 pm
trujillo, nbc news. >> i'm not sold on the pickle chips. you got to try it. >> you got to try it first. >> i know, i know. >> and at the ballpark with the seagulls. >> reporter: doing pretty good. trying to dodge and stay clean right now you could say. but the giants did not disappoint a full house today. some timely hitting and great pitching really maid this game almost a near-perfect home opener. it started with maybe a little bit of a tearjerker as we take a look right now at what went on in pregame. throwing out the first pitch today was batkid who's been capturing the hearts and minds of san franciscoens. he threw out the first pitch. now at first pitch, john miller
6:50 pm
taking advantage of opening day with a little selfie. and, of course, after the selfie, you have to have a flyover. but the crowd really came to their feet with the sight of brian stowe and his family in the yard. and then they went wild. bottom of the first. the fifth home run of this young season. 2-0. across the country, the party was definitely on. bottom of the third, tim hudson making his home debut, and he was ready. nice play right hire. trevor cahill. now two outs, and he will fan aaron hill. more from hudson coming up in a few. bottom third, two outs, michael morse with another clutch hit, the single to right. brandon belt scores, and the giants are up, 5-1. to the fifth, brandon crawford getting into the act as well.
6:51 pm
this base hit right here also to right will chase home. 7-1, g-men. hudson just cruising along. he'll get paul goldschmidt on the ground out. eight innings pitched. two earned runs and another win in a 7-3 giants victory. and joining me now is comcast sports net's mindy bock. and after two games, after two starts, this hudson pickup is looking phenomenal. >> absolutely. nobody really knew what he would be able to do after he worked back from that broken ankle. but he's a veteran. he's the all time winningest pitcher among active starters right now. eight inning pitch. that is his longest outing since june of 2012.
6:52 pm
but i think what's most impressive, he hasn't walked a single batter. the right hander says he likes the way he's throwing right now, but he's nowhere near where he wants to be. >> i just try to go there and make pitches. buster called another great game, keep the ball down, change speeds. it's not a whole lot of secrets with me out there. >> he's been really good. he's moved the ball around the plate, in and out and up and down. >> he's one of those pitchers, if you're not there, he's going to be there all night. it's amazing to watch him throw every pitch effective, keeping hitters, you know, off balance and, and getting some ground balls. i mean, it's awesome. it's awesome to watch. >> once you turn the lights on and go out there, and the bell rings and it's serious baseball, you know, i've been able to bear down and, you know, make some good pitches. even though physically, i might
6:53 pm
not be where i want to be, mentally, i feel it's the same it's always been. >> and hudson is so relaxed mentally that a lot of starters don't like to talk to their teammates during the game, but michael moore told me that he was giving him pointers during the game about arizona's pitchers and what to look for. >> he was great on the other side of the bay, and so far looking real good. >> raj, jessica, back to you. for a full half hour of local sporting coverage you can watch comcast bay area tonight at 10:30.
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tonight at 11:00, more than half of all websites use the technology and experts say it's putting your personal information at risk. details of the heart bleed bug and how you can protect yourself. that's tonight at 11:00 after chicago fire. talk about some fans attending the opener today got calendars. there's a giant bobble head. it's going to be given out tomorrow at the game against the diamondback. on april 26, the first 20,000 fans get a replica of the ring. and 20,000 fans will be getting hello kitty dolls on june 8 against the mets.
6:57 pm
>> woo! >> it is outtahere. >> ooh. giants fans on their feet. here's something new. right after the home run, this is what's going to happen this season. this is what fans are going to hear across the ballpark. >> yahoo! >> it's the yahoo yodel. it will boom at at&t park after every giants home run. >> will it replace the wave? >> i don't think so. >> i love doing the wave. >> thanks for joining us here at 6:00. we hope you have a great evening. >> bye-bye.
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"dancing with the stars" turns into mean girls. the backlash against erin andrews and julianne hough, now on "extra." julianne versus max. you just had to phone it in. >> james versus erin. >> the baby? come on. the new host and the guest judge making enemies. is it all out war behind the scenes of dancing? scarlett johansson revealing what ruined her marriage to ryan reynolds and why she's insulted by her nickname scar-jo. then why rob lowe says being too pretty backfired on his career. and why he turned down the role of mcdreamy on "grey's anatomy." new star sightings.


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